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We simply provide more affordable ways to stay healthy—even if you’re already taking generics.

EquivaMeds is a unique partnership. It began with a physician and nationally recognized health management expert, Frank Burns, M.D., who, among his many responsibilities, was asked to find ways to help the hospital where he worked save money on the care of its 3,000 employees while preserving the quality of their care. He developed and implemented an equivalent-class medication program, administering it manually and saving the hospital and its employees millions. The hospital, already known as one of the most innovative in the US, applauded his efforts. Its employees did, too. Dr. Burns knew this was a big idea—one that could be part of the much-needed reform of America’s healthcare system if his process could be replicated on a national scale.

Genuity Group is a Florida-based technology consulting firm specializing in healthcare, but also with nearly a decade of proven leadership in banking and financial technology. Genuity and Dr. Burns spent two years developing EquivaMeds, making Dr. Burns’ insightful medication strategies available to individuals and groups nationwide.

EquivaMeds is not an online pharmacy, discount club, Canadian pharmacy or a pharmaceutical company site. We simply provide more affordable ways to stay healthy—even if you’re already taking generics.

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