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EquivaMeds Refund Policy

EquivaMeds is committed to providing quality service in helping individuals, physicians and organizations identify same class equivalent medication options with potential cost saving comparisons and generating a letter communication to the patient’s physician.  EquivaMeds does not prescribe or recommend specific medications.  EquivaMeds provides information and a service of communicating information to a patient’s designated physician for the physicians review and determination of prescription considerations.  The physician, with their patient, makes the final determination for prescription medications.  If you are unsatisfied with EquivaMeds please contact us within 14 days at www.equivameds.com/contact.aspx to request a refund. Please note, we do not provide refunds for the following:

  • If you or your doctor makes the decision to not change your medications
  • If your out-of-pockets costs differ from those provided by the EquivaMeds Savings Index
  • If information you submitted was incorrect including medications and/or physician contact information
  • For reasons which are outside of EquivaMeds control and/or service offering
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